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Founding Venture : Olee Class

Every person wishes to receive a quality education, but due to a lack of money, poor people are not able to do so. If anyone wants to wish that their children will get top results, then they have to send their children to a better institution or school, but they cannot do so due to a lack of good, expert, or quality teachers. The middle class or service holders can afford to take the good teacher with the help of money, but on the other hand, the poor cannot afford it. If somebody wants to teach their children through the online class of an expensive online app like BYJUS, then they have to be ready to pay more than 5000 rupees monthly and a one-time registration fee of more than 15000 rupees, which will be unbearable for poor people. Only 1% to 2% of people (that is, middle-class or rich people) can afford it, and such an online tuition platform is only for English-medium schools’ students. They do not think about the students own state education board language. They only give importance to the English-medium students of CBSE, but most of the students are in their own state board’s language. That is why the dreams of poor people remain in their minds. For this reason, OLEE TECH LIMITED has come up with an online tuition platform by the name of OLEE CLASS with a minimum fee that will be affordable for all classes of people, whether they are rich, middle-class, or poor. The OLEE class will provide quality education to all classes of people from home with a minimum fee. ENGLISH, MATHEMATICS, GENERAL SCIENCE, SOCIAL SCIENCE, AND GENERAL KNOWLEDGE OR OUT KNOWLEDGE will be covered. If anyone wants to take physical tuition for all the subjects mentioned above, he has to pay a minimum of 5000 rupees monthly. But in this regard, Olee Class will take the minimum fees.

The aims and objectives of the OLEE class are:

To provide quality education to all,

To solve unemployment problems by creating jobs for educational unemployment,

To establish a school or college with a low cost for all classes of students,

To make online educational recruitment possible,

To create history in the education sector with low fees,

We will make a student very expert as JEE or NEET students.We will hold a test every month.We will provide scholarships to the Excellency Performance students. Therefore, you are requested to give support to those who need it most. Go to the link and apply for the best opportunity.

Olee Mock Test 

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